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You may withdraw money from your TVB account by logging into your TVB account and clicking on REQUEST WITHDRAWAL. Then click on WITHDRAW MONEY.

Select the method of withdrawal from the scroll down Menu: Neteller, Prepaid ATM, Central Coin, Citadel, , On Demand Funds and Cashier’s Check (this method refers to Federal Express cashier's check).

If you choose to withdraw money via or Cashier’s Check, there are fees involved. For this reason, we do not recommend that you select either of these methods if you are withdrawing a small sum. There is a $40 fee for withdrawal by Cashier’s Check. Please open a HELP DESK TICKET or CONTACT US to find out what are the respective fees associated with withdrawal by for a specified amount. (Our accounting hours are Monday through Friday.)

Please keep in mind that once your credit card deposits total up to $250, you must fill out a Credit Card Authentication Form to either continue depositing or process your payout.

Furthermore, the software will automatically set itself to reimburse your VISA/MC credit card for any previous charges made and send your winnings back by method of your choice.

You may submit a maximum of one withdrawal request per every 48 hours.
The bonuses are noncashable.

Once you submit one cash-in of all or part of the bonus funds allotted, the winnings are approved and the bonus amounts are cleared from your account.

Reversing Withdrawals
Once you have withdrawn your funds, you have the option to reverse all or part of your funds back into your available bingo account balance.

Withdrawals take approximately 2 to 3 business days to be processed by accounting.

If you have remaining questions and/or desire more detailed information, please feel free to Contact Us.

Your credit card transaction will be processed by our ECommerce Subsidiary Process Money Online Inc. Ltd. a compnay located in Southampton, UK and the purchase will show as "VIBINGO" in your credit card statement.

We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time.

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